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WGS Scour Prevention and Treatment

WGS is a multi-vitamin, electrolyte, and polyphenol extract supplement for gut regulation in calves. Use it as a preventative tool for scours, or double dose for treatment. Use WGS on resistant scours that won’t go away. Can be mixed in milk, drenched or top-dressed. OVER 16,000 Calves fed daily in Europe and Canada. WGS is a plant polyphenol of the locust bean. This polyphenol thickens the feed inside the gut of the calf and slows down the passage of this feed.

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NEW Bactzyme Premium Blocks

NEW Bactzyme Premium Blocks

Through accelerated digestion, Bactzyme will liquefy solid material so that it’s easier to agitate, pump and irrigate. Treated lagoon can be pumped lower than ever before with fewer plugging problems.

Once transferred to cropland and because it’s already predigested, this manure will soak into the soil faster with less chance of caking on the field surface.

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Citra Clean

Citra Clean

Our concentrated Citra Clean replaces all expensive cleaners around your
business at a fraction of the cost. Anywhere that you use water you can use
Citra Clean. Citra Clean is made from the natural orange extract d-limonene.
It produces a natural citrus scent and great grease releasing agents. Just spray the problem area with Citra Clean and work it into the stain.

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Dairymans Choice

Dairymans Choice – Probiotics

Probiotics stimulate the rumen by supplying nutrients to digestive bacteria, thus producing enzymes. These enzymes catalyze rumen fermentation assisting fiber digestion and feed utilization. Dairymans choice is highly recommended for calf starter rations and diets of high producing cows. Dairymans Choice is palatable, helps stimulate appetite and is a recognized source of B-vitamins, minerals and other nutritional factors.

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Star Gro Products Truck

We have recently upgraded to a larger delivery vehicle to better serve our customers. This truck is always stocked with the GREAT products that you will find on this website. We are on the road daily, servicing farms throughout British Columbia. Typically we work on a 5 week rotation, but we have some overlap in certain areas. If you see something you would like more information about or are just curious to peak inside our truck when we are passing, just give us a call on 1-800-798-9204 to learn more.

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Star Gro offers a multitude of high quality Farming products. If you see something you like, please contact us and if we don’t have it in stock, we will order it in for you and have it delivered directly to your farm.

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