Holm & Laue Calf Feeders ::

  • Stainless Steel Construction

  • Can feed 100-120 calves with just one unit

  • Optional second mixer bowl allowing two calves to drink at once

  • All programmable

  • Liquid and Powder dosing options

  • Whole milk delivery option

  • Automatic CIP system

  • Rinses feeding tube between each calf

  • Rugged feeding stall design

  • RFID tag or collar tag option

Holm and Laue Calf Feeder

Holm & Laue Milk Taxi ::

All in One Machine

Options available

  • “ELAN” battery operated drive system

  • Tow bar for 120L and 200L models

  • 250L has a trailer hitch with remote feeding button

  • Can be stationary mounted also

  • Semi automatic wash system

Holm and Laue Milk Taxi

Acidified milk feeding insulated warm box ::

Insulated Warm Box Free Choice Feeding allows calves to drink several small meals each day, averaging approximately 10L per day resulting in better overall growth and healthier animals.

This warm box will keep the milk warm in winter and at ambient temperature in the summer.

Comes with:

  • Insulated PVC Panels

  • All SS frame and fasteners

  • Heater with thermostat

  • Circulating fan

  • 6 Feeding Stations

  • Brass one way check valves

  • Agitator with programmable time and SS paddle

Small animal weigh scale ::

Small Animal Weigh Scale

  • Light weight (made out of aluminum)

  • Battery powered (rechargeable included)

  • Laptop compatible (software included)

  • Easy to read digital read out

  • Weighs animals up to 600lbs

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