Spalding Fly Predators ::

Control flies the Natural Way.

Spalding Fly Predators Star Gro It happens every summer. You hope the flies won’t be too bad, but then almost overnight, they’re back and yes, its a bad fly year again. You rush to put the bait out, pour the cows, put new reels on the sticky tape roller, add traps and maybe in desperation call the spray guy.

As usual, none of this works very good or for very long. Your cows are miserable, bunching, swishing tails, stomping feet. Your wife isn’t happy either with the flies in her house. And worse those flies are costing you a surprisingly amount of MONEY! If this sounds familiar why do it again>

Getting rid of flies after they have hatched and built up a tremendous population is like bailing a singing boat with a teaspoon. Instead try stopping flies before they have a chance to reproduce and build up to problem levels. You do this by good manure management to make it less “fly friendly” and by adding Fly Predators.

Fly Predators are not a magic “new” fly control product. They are perhaps natures original fly control. You certainly have some of the species that our included in our Fly Predator brand beneficial insects already working for you on your property unless you have been spraying extensively. They’re part of the reason you aren’t literally knee deep in flies. You may have way too many flies, but without these good bugs, it would be far worse.

There’s no downside as the Fly Predators do not bother either people or animals. A key benefit is you stop the flies before they have a chance to reproduce. A 4% survival rate means you’ve got around 15 new flies coming for everyone you see today as each female fly can lay up to 900 eggs. That is why controlling flies by attacking just the adults with sprays, baits, traps etc is almost always a losing battle.

Spalding Fly Predators ::

Disvap The Disvap line offers a complete line of space-spray, wall-spray, livestock-spray and pour-on insecticide products.

The Disvap family of products controls flies (horn, face, stable and house flies), darkling beetles, gnats and mosquitoes.

Products in the Disvap family can have an immediate and/or residual action. Disvap products are ideal for reducing stress and the spread of disease amongst livestock and making farm buildings infestation-free. Products tailored to your needs!

Eliminator and Protector ear tags ::

Eliminator Ear Tags Eliminator and Protector ear tags protect against horn and/or face flies, 24/24 hour, and last throughout the season.

Eliminator and Protector ear tags have less impact on the environment because ingredients cannot leak or spill. Moreover, they leave no residue in meat or milk.

Silvalure – Fly Traps ::

Silvalure Fly Traps Silvalure – Fly Traps for control of flies wherever they are a problem. The design of the traps combined with their special glue ensure product efficacy. Use the Silvalure – Fly Traps all year round for a fly-free environment. Silvalure – Fly Traps are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Silvalure – Fly Traps

  • Sheet

  • Spiral

  • For window

  • String without holder

  • String with holder

  • Rolls

  • Sleeve

  • For greenhouse

Sticky Roll Fly Tape System ::

mr-sticky-fly-tape-system Non-toxic, environmentally sound

  • Contains no insecticides or pheromones

  • “Captured 92% of available flies.” USDA Tests

  • Easy to install; readily disposable

Knocks Out the Fly Population

Unlike hanging fly ribbons, Sticky Roll™ is naturally attractive to flies. They look for thin surfaces to land on, and they rise with warm updrafts toward the rafters of barns and enclosures. Flies land on Sticky Roll and become entrapped only to attract more flies. Soon the breeding population is virtually eliminated. Sticky Roll should be left in place for the entire fly season to protect against repopulation.

Sticky Roll™ Deluxe Kit with Pulleys

For large enclosures such as barns and arenas we recommend the Sticky Roll Deluxe Kit. The Deluxe Kit consists of 600 or 1000 feet of Sticky Roll Fly Tape, take-up reel, hardware, and three pulleys for installing a network of tape as shown at right.

Non-Toxic, Environmentally Sound

Sticky Roll is a specially designed glue tape on a roll. That’s it. No added insecticides or attractants are required. It is environmentally friendly, nonallergenic, won’t irritate if touched, and is easily removed with vegetable oil. Used reel is thrown away, flies and all.

Constant Cost-Effective Fly Control

A dramatic alternative to spraying and fogging, Sticky Roll gives effective 24-hour fly reduction, without the constant work and mess.

Safe, effective, non-toxic Sticky Roll has an unlimited range of uses in any covered area where flies are a problem, including stables, dairy barns, swine and poultry enclosures, and animal premises of all kinds. Sticky Roll is also recommended for use in zoos, kennels, refuse areas, bakeries, canneries and factories.

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