Formaldehyde Hoof Treatment ::

Formaline hoof treatment
Vetoquinol Authorized Dealer

An essential hoof treatment for control of strawberry and other foot rot. Formulated with 37% formaldehyde, 14% methanol. Our formaldehyde won’t polymerize (freeze/go gooey) until below zero centigrade.


Sold per barrel, 20 litres or 186 litres

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Klingon Blue™ ::

Klingon Blue™
FloChem - Klingon Blue™

Long-acting Footbath

Fight Digital Dermatitis – A Leading Cause of Lameness

KlingonBlue™ adheres to the feet of cows after a single passage through the solution and remains noticeable on their feet days later. The product is especially well-adhered to digital dermatitis lesions.

KlingonBlue™ hoof treatment is safer and more environmentally friendly to use than most other alternative programs.

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