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Same great product, a new name! This product was formerly Shoo!Tag, and is now 0Bug!Zone.

The mosquito is the most formidable transmitter of disease in the animal kingdom. The most common of which are malaria, yellow fever, dengue, encephalitis and yes, the West Nile virus. Since they bite more than once, they transmit the virus from one place to the next. They can even transfer the virus to the eggs they lay to create more havoc.

Shoo Tags Pest Repellent
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People ::

We not only take care of mosquitoes, but we also have products for ticks, chiggers, flies and no-see-ums too!

Cattle ::

0Bug!Zone products are the best non-toxic, one time per 4 months process that not only saves you time, but also saves your cattle from disease carrying mosquitoes and flies. Plus, we made them in bright colors to make them easy to spot and engineered them so they are compatible with ear tagging systems presently used by most cattle ranchers and are of a size which will fit comfortably in the ear!

Horses ::

With 0Bug!Zone you simply attach the tags and then you are done – for up to 4 months! You will be amazed at the number of flies and mosquitoes that 0Bug!Zone will keep away. No product can get them all, but our product does the best and there are no messy liquids or powders, no harmful poisons and no continual applications.

Dogs and Cats ::

We are proud to have created a safe, non-toxic, chemical and poison free solution to controlling fleas, ticks and mosquitoes that uses no sprays, lotions or liquids of any kind. And with our shoo!cycle program, we are the greenest solution out there.

Questions We Get Asked Most Often

How does 0Bug!Zone work?

You actually learned this back in high school biology. 0Bug!Zone is a proprietary process developed by Energetic Solutions, Ltd in Austin, Texas. 0Bug!Zone is a tag with a magnetic strip that works off your body’s bio-energetic field. Starting to sound familiar again? The tag contains frequencies that are specific to the different bugs and pests, and it is those frequencies that disturb the bugs and will keep them away from the body.
How long do the tags last?

0Bug!Zone tags will last up to 4 months once they are properly attached to a pet or persons energy field. If the tags are stored in a resealable, plastic bag, then you can expect the tags to last up to 2 years.
Why don’t the tags last longer?

Naturally, we would love for the tags to last a lifetime! Honestly. However, normal wear and tear of the magnetic strip limits the lifespan of 0Bug!Zone. Just as frequent use of a credit card will cause it to fail before the expiration date the magnetic strips on our tags will naturally break down from daily use. 0Bug!Zone products typically last up to 4 months, making our tags a great value.
Is there any danger associated with the use of 0Bug!Zone? Are there any negative side effects?

No, unlike all of the other insect repellents on the market today, 0Bug!Zone does not contain any harmful or toxic chemicals. Also, our tags do not interfere with any treatment modalities that you or your pet may have undergone. And, to answer your second question, there are no ill effects or side effects of any kind for 0Bug!Zone users.
Can I use 0Bug!Zone on any animal or pet?

Each of our products has a specific function. For example, we have flea and tick tags that work to keep away fleas and ticks, but they will not repel mosquitoes. In the same way, each product is for a specific animal. For example, a dog tag will not work if used on a cat. Remember, the tags work because of the natural energy field created by an animal or person which expands the specific frequency, creating a barrier from insects. Each tag will work on all weights and sizes and is safe for pregnant or lactating animals. Currently, we have tags for people, dogs, cats, horses and cows. We are continually researching and developing new technologies.
Do they have to be worn every day?

Yes. 0Bug!Zone tags will typically start to work after a couple of days, if worn correctly and consistently. A general rule of thumb is the more you wear your tag, the better it will work. Ideally, you will want to wear your tag 24/7.
Do you have protection from lice and mosquitoes for dogs or ticks for horses?

At 0Bug!Zone we are constantly working to update our technologies. Currently we do not carry lice tags for dogs, but we do offer mosquito tags for dogs. Additionally, at this time, we do not offer tick tags for horses, but keep an eye on our Web site for future developments. Since we are all a family, we want to continue to be able to benefit everybody in all ways possible
How do I attach the tags?

The package contains a ring that can be attached to your pet’s collar; you are welcome to use your own ring if you have one available. The 0Bug!Zone tag has a small hole that should be used to attach the tag to the ring. Remember to face the tag towards the body for maximum effectiveness.

Other important things to remember when attaching the tags:

  • The magnetic strips should be fully exposed and protected from premature abrasions.
  • To ensure that your tags provide you with the maximum protection possible, 0Bug!Zone should not be placed in areas where they could be bent.

There are a variety of ways to attach the tags to your animal. For the dogs and cats, we advise that you cut one of the tags along the dotted line so that both magnetic strips are exposed (they have 2 holes for this purpose). After you have cut the pet tag along the dotted line, recycle the upper portion, and hang the remaining portion of the tag with the magnetic strip facing your pet. Scratches on the magnetic strips will prematurely wear tags which could render them ineffective. For active pets that might have trouble keeping the tags from being scratched/bent, we recommend attaching 0Bug!Zone along the inside of the collar. Be sure that the magnetic strips are completely exposed; do not cover any portion of the magnetic strip. If you have a small dog, cut both tags to fit the animal and place one tag on top of the other. We recommend that you place the biggest problem insect tag closest to the animal.

Can I hang both tags on the same ring?

Yes. We provide a ring for you in the dog and cat packages and you can hang both the flea and the tick tags from the same ring. However, we do recommend that you place the biggest problem insect tag closest to the animal.
How do I care for my tags?

Normal wear and tear can reduce the full effectiveness of the 0Bug!Zone product. In order to maintain tag effectiveness use a clean, soft, damp cloth to remove the dirt, sweat, and oils that may accumulate.
Why does it take 24-36 hours to activate the tags? Can it take longer?

Even if your animal is in excellent health, it takes time for the natural energy field to create a frequency barrier against unwanted insects. We know through our focus groups and preliminary trials that this process can take up to 36 hours.

Please keep in mind that if an animal has recently had surgery, vaccinations, steroid medication, or has been treated with heavy poison products, it will take longer for your animal to detoxify and strengthen its energy field. It is important to note that, because the tags work with your pet’s energy field, your animal needs to be as healthy as possible before using 0Bug!Zone. We have found that aging animals, animals that have had surgery, or animals that are taking or have recently taken steroid drugs do not respond well to 0Bug!Zone products.

Why are there two tags in my package?

Some of our packages contain two tags. In our dog and cat combos, there is one for fleas and another for ticks. Horse packages contain flea and mosquito tags. If you choose the outdoor pack, there are tags for mosquitoes, ticks, and chiggers and so on. These tags can be worn individually, or all at the same time. Remember that the tags work faster and more efficiently when the magnetic strips are facing the body.

With your pet or animals (horse, cows,) you must put BOTH tags on them to be effective. Remember, each tag contains a specific frequency to shoo! a specific bug. If you only place the tick tag on your dog, then they will not be protected against fleas. It does not matter that the 2 tags are touching each other. They will work just fine.

I purchased a double pack so that I would have two applications. How do I store the extra set of tags?

Fantastic plan! We recommend that you store your 0Bug!Zone products in a sealable plastic bag, and place the bag in a drawer or cabinet. Using this method, you can expect your tags to last up to 4 years.
Will exposure to household magnets cause the frequencies to be removed from the magnetic strip?

Although household magnets should not harm your tags, we encourage you to keep your 0Bug!Zone products away from all other household magnets as much as possible. We have found that demagnetizers located at checkout counters in large retail stores can erase the cards.
Does 0Bug!Zone use radio frequency to transmit the barrier field?

Absolutely not. Our frequencies are all natural and work off your energy field. The frequencies embedded in the magnetic strips of our tags are earth energies similar to the harmless Schumann Wave. In terms of effect, 0Bug!Zone only makes use of the energy field that is already emitted from an animal, we only add in a few new frequencies that are scientifically proven to repel specific insects. We are not taking any energy from the animal; we are simply utilizing what is already there. Rest easy knowing that your 0Bug!Zone tag produces no ill effect to the health of the animal or the planet. Additionally, our products do not interfere with radio frequencies or radio collars.
Will 0Bug!Zone interfere with any other treatment modality or the microchip my dog has implanted?

Since 0Bug!Zone uses natural earth energies, there is no danger or harm to pets or animals. Also, we designed our products so that the frequency barrier does not interfere with any modalities that you or your pet or animals may have, including electrical devices and microchips.
Is it safe to use 0Bug!Zone products with an electric fence?

The effectiveness of an electric fence will not be impacted by the shoo!TAG® product. If your pet or animal’s energy field is extremely high, at most, the electric fence will nullify some of the effectiveness of the tags. You never have to worry about the safety of your pet with 0Bug!Zone.
Is it safe to use 0Bug!Zone products with an invisible fence?

Sure. The an invisible fence will not be impacted by the shoo!TAG® product. If your pet or animal’s energy field is extremely high, at most, the invisible fence will nullify some of the effectiveness of the tags. You never have to worry about the safety of your pet with 0Bug!Zone.
Is it safe to use 0Bug!Zone products with a shock collar?

Yes. The shock collar will not be impact the 0Bug!Zone product. You never have to worry about the safety of your pet with shoo!TAG®.
Can my 0Bug!Zone products get wet?

Yes! 0Bug!Zone products are even effective in saltwater. So feel free to put on your swim trunks and take a dip. Remember to clean your tags with a soft, damp cloth to remove some of the sweat and oils that may have accumulated during your swim.
Does 0Bug!Zone work well in high infestation areas?

High infestation areas are going to require a multi-faceted approach. It is important to remember that 0Bug!Zone uses a natural approach to repel insects, which will take longer to become fully effective than conventional poisons. 0Bug!Zone recommends that you always start with a freshly washed pet, frequently vacuum indoor areas, and treat your yard with organic products to control outbreaks. If your pet’s energy field has been weakened by poisons, medicines or surgeries, it will take longer for our tags to begin creating the pest barrier.
Do your products protect the home and yard from the fleas and ticks?

0Bug!Zone believes in the fair and humane treatment of all insects, including fleas and ticks. Our products are not designed to kill pests, and therefore our tags do not offer complete home protection from fleas or ticks. A multi-faceted approach including organic yard treatments, frequent vacuuming, and installation of flea traps are all excellent alternatives to topical chemicals. Thankfully there are many “Green” products available that work to reduce infestation and work well with 0Bug!Zone products.
My mosquito tag works perfectly, but my dog’s tag is not working. What is wrong?

There are a number of reasons why a 0Bug!Zone tag might not work perfectly for every customer. For example, animals that have recently had surgery, vaccinations, or are on allergy medications need time for their energy field to recover before the tags will show positive results. We have also seen instances where an external frequency has interfered with the frequencies encoded in our tags. We even had a circumstance with dog wearing metal tags that rubbed together. Once the owner removed the metal tags, the 0Bug!Zone tag worked without frequency interference.

Remember that we are constantly subject to fault lines, cell phone towers and large doses of pesticides, to name a few possible challenges to the 0Bug!Zone technology. Additionally, as a rule, not every product is 100% effective 100% of the time; this is especially true with “Green” products, which are generally found to be effective approximately 75% of the time. If you have a faulty product, please check out our Money Back Guarantee.

The tags have been on for 3 days, why am I still seeing live pests on my pets?

0Bug!Zone does not kill insects—the frequencies embedded in the tag work to slow them down and confuse them, which force them to vacate your pet’s energy field. If you are still seeing live pests on your pet, ask yourself, did you see any fleas or ticks on your animal before the tags? Has the number been reduced? If you used conventional poisons, understand that when the pests bit your animal they died, so you may have not noticed that there was a problem. Other things to consider are whether your pet’s energy field has been reduced or compromised recently from poisons, steroid medications, vaccines or surgery? If your pet is aging, it creates a weaker field which means that your pet might not be a good candidate for 0Bug!Zone. Do you have metal tags attached that rub together and create a frequency that negates the frequency of our tag? Try removing the metal tags from pet’s collar and see if that makes a difference.

Remember, the 0Bug!Zone frequencies are designed to slow down the fleas and ticks rather than kill them, so you may notice insects on your pet after applying the tags when you didn’t before. This is especially true for animals living in high-infestation areas, or animals that spend a significant amount of time outdoors. One of the many benefits of the shoo!TAG® product is that it allows pet owners to find and more easily remove pests from their animals.

How do I know that the 0Bug!Zone is working?

Many pet owners report their pets are more relaxed and have fewer flea-induced allergy problems; many have also reported being able to discontinue steroid treatments. Being an all natural product, 0Bug!Zone products work gradually over time, unlike chemical alternatives which offer a quick, yet toxic fix. Pet owners have noted a gradual diminishing of fleas and ticks over time; weakened pests which come to the surface and either fall off or can be picked off.

If you are unsure whether your 0Bug!Zone product is working, check to make sure you are using the tags correctly:

  • Is the tag attached correctly? (Remember, one is for fleas and the other is for ticks; you can use both at the same time.)
  • Are the magnetic strips facing your pet most of the time?
  • Have the strips been damaged by dents or scratches? (If so, the encoding may have been damaged.) Be sure any metal tags, such as rabies or ID tags, are placed ON TOP of the 0Bug!Zone tags to prevent premature wearing of the magnetic strip. For other ways to attach the tags, please refer to the questions above.

If you are sure your tags are being used properly, but you think they may not be working correctly, you can try a simple experiment to work out the issue. Take the tags off one dog for two days and see if you have an increase in the flea population on that pet.

If you do have an increase, then you likely have a heavy infestation and will need to use additional protection in and around your home in order to keep the flea and tick population to a minimum. Our products do not kill insects and therefore, it offers no home protection from fleas or ticks. We recommend treating the yard with organic products, frequent vacuuming of the home, as well as the installation of flea traps which are designed to eliminate any fleas that are brought into the house and fall off the animals. There are many “Green” products on the market that will work with the 0Bug!Zone tags to help reduce flea and tick infestations in and around your home.

If there is no increase in the fleas, then your tags may have been de-magnetized. You will need to return ALL of your 0Bug!Zone packages so that we can test them to see if they are still encoded correctly. Please include the original sales receipt and the original UPC code from the packaging. These items will be used in the event that the tags were not de-magnetized and we need to refund your money (see our guarantee). Don’t forget to include all of your contact information including telephone number. Please know that we stand by our money back guarantee (excluding shipping and/or sales taxes) and we want every 0Bug!Zone customer to have the best experience possible

Are 0Bug!Zone products 100% effective?

We would love to say yes, but because shoo!TAG® products contain no harmful or toxic chemicals we can’t promise 100% efficiency—especially for those living in high-infestation areas where no other pest management systems have been utilized. Please note that if chemical spot-on drops are not working for your pet, you should not expect 100% efficacy from 0Bug!Zone products.
I want to take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty. How do I do that?

Please refer to our Guarantee details here. It explains all 0Bug!Zone polices and gives specific instructions on how to exchange or return one of our products.
How do I attach the horse tags?

The best way to attach 0Bug!Zone to a horse is to individually braid each tag into the underside of the mane just behind the bridle path with the magnetic strip facing the animal. The pictures below help to demonstrate how this can be done and how the attached tags should look. Some of the tags only have one hole punched in them. If this is the case with your 0Bug!Zone, simply use a regular hole punch to pierce another hole on the opposite end of the tag. You will want to locate the new hole away from the magnetic strip.

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