A Natural Alternative for Scour Prevention and Treatment ::



WGS is a multi-vitamin, electrolyte, and polyphenol extract supplement for gut regulation in calves
Use it as a preventative tool for scours, or double dose for treatment
Use WGS on resistant scours that won’t go away
Can be mixed in milk, drenched or top-dressed
OVER 16,000 Calves fed daily in Europe and Canada
Producer Comments: “Scours are frustrating, time-consuming and expensive. Administering WGS is quick and east and the calves love the taste and aroma. Most importantly– it works!

· WGS is a plant polyphenol of the locust bean. This polyphenol thickens the feed inside the gut of the calf and slows down the passage of this feed. WGS also is a natural astringent which slows the passage of electrolytes and water from the calf’s gut. These two modes of action allows the calf to be less dehydrated and in better condition to fight off the cause of the scour. The better the immunity of the calf the better it will defend it’s self from the causing organism.

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