Bird Control that’s Guaranteed Effective ::

Bird Gard utilizes the innate power of the natural survival instincts of birds to effectively repel them. Digital recordings of distressed and alarmed birds, along with the sounds made by their natural predators are broadcast through high fidelity weather-resistant speakers. This triggers a primal fear and flee response. Pest birds soon relocate to where they can feed without feeling threatened.

Get Birds Out! ::

Birds live in an interdependent social structure where they use audible calls to signal danger from one member to the larger flock. A flock of thousands of birds will change direction when it comes near an area protected by Bird Gard. By matching the distress calls to the specific species causing damage Bird Gard ensures that each product is customized for each application.

Keep Birds Out! ::

All Bird Gard units include a sophisticated random mode that prevents birds from becoming accustomed to the sounds. A microprocessor makes random changes to the timing and order of the sounds so that birds are unable to recognize a pattern. The relative pitch of each sound is randomly altered to give the impression there are multiple “voices” in distress. As a result, Bird Gard remains effective at keeping birds out for the long term. All Bird Gard electronic bird control products are backed by a one-year customer satisfaction guarantee.

Control Problem Birds ::

Bird Gard effectively repels more than 100 different bird species including: European starlings, crows, pigeons, robins, grackles, sparrows, swallows, blue jays, woodpeckers, seagulls, ravens, red-winged blackbirds, house finches, robins, rooks, geese, wild turkeys, heron and many more.

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