How do Dairyman's Choice® probiotics work in cattle and ruminants? ::

Dairymans Choice Probiotics Probiotics stimulate the rumen by supplying nutrients to rumen bacteria thus producing enzymes. These enzymes catalyze rumen fermentation assisting fiber digestion and feed utilization. Dairymans Choice is a concentrated source of live yeast culture and enzymes to be used as an animal feed additive. These enzymes catalyze fermentation assisting fiber digestion and feed utilization. Probiotics also produce nutrients which feed and stimulate digestive bacteria in the gut. The unique combination of enzymes in Dairymans’ Choice stimulates appetite and helps ensure a consistent population of natural acid bacteria, and is a recognized source of B-vitamins, minerals and other nutritional factors. Reliable and stable protease enzymes and bacillus bacteria are key ingredients in our probiotic products, and used to ensure quick delivery of digestive aids to the gut with predictable results.

The Benefits of using Dairyman's Choice® for cattle ::

  • Stimulates and maintains optimum rumen fermentation.
  • Stimulates natural digestive bacteria for improved digestibility and feed conversion.
  • Lowers mortality rates of newborn calves and incoming cattle in a feedlot finishing program.

How do Dairyman's Choice® probiotics work in calves? ::

Calves are born with a bacteria-free gut. It is necessary to immediately establish lactobacilli populations shortly after birth; otherwise pathogenic organisms can populate the rumen and cause production problems. The use of Dairyman’s Choice during stressful periods will maintain a favorable microbial balance in the rumen. The microbial balance in the rumen is upset during times of stress by decreasing lactobacilli levels and increasing pathogenic bacterial levels. This results in morbidity and mortality problems. It is important in times of stress to ensure the delicate balance of the calf’s intestinal tract is kept undisturbed.

The benefits of using Dairyman's Choice® for calves ::

  • Maintains microbial balance in the rumen.
  • Improves feed intake, weight gain and feed efficiency.
  • Assists digestion and keeps calves “on-feed”.

Dairyman's Choice® key ingredients ::

  • Maintains microbial balance in the rumen.
  • Biosaf® Yeast.
  • Safmannan (MOS)®.
  • Bacillus Subitilus.
  • Bacillus Licheniformis.
  • Amylase.
  • Xylanse.
  • Betaglucanse.
  • Vitamins and Minerals.

Dairymans Choice® is temperature stable, live, protected and reproducible.
It has a two year shelf life when stored moisture free and dry.

Stockman’s Choice is available in a paste form, as a top dressing for feed or as an inclusion to processed feeds.

  • Paste 80 cc and 300 cc tubes.
  • Calf milk replacer additive.
  • Feed supplement.

Testimonials for Dairyman's Choice Probiotics ::

I like this product because it improves the health of the calves by helping the good bacteria grow to fight the bad bacteria. Dairymans Choice is a great product. We were having trouble raising healthy calves till Star Gro Products introduced this to us.
Martin Zwartbol – Abclan Dairy – Chilliwack, British Columbia

I like that its simple to use and anyone can administer it. We find that the calves recover from scours much sooner when using the paste. Im really happy with the variety of products and level of service we receive from Star Gro.
Philip Graham – Graham Farms – Abbotsford, British Columbia