Using RumiLife® CAL24™ after freshening may not only help reduce hypocalcemia but also has added benefits to ensure she is a productive member of your herd for generations!

RumiLife Cal24 ::

RumiLife CAL24These key ingredients make this your once-and-done solution: Calmin is a seaweed-derived highly available source of calcium and magnesium and 2) vitamin D which helps regulate and maximize calcium absorption.

  • The only calcium supplement on the market that allows you to administer both boluses at one time, making proper compliance easier for all.
  • 100 G of calcium per dose (50 G per bolus). Each bolus contains Calcium chloride, a fast-release source of calcium: Calcium Carbonate, A medium- release calcium: and Calmin, a slow-release Calcium.

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RumiLife Cal24

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