Teat Defence 110 ::

Teat Defence 110 is for udder health formulated using a special environmentally safe process which provides a steady and stable supply of available free iodine for a quick kill, long, stable shelf life, and gentler effect on teat skin. It is formulated to withstand freeze / thaw cycles without the loss or fall-out of iodine. Glycerin is the only skin emollient used because of its superior softening and conditioning characteristics.

Teat Defence 110

Our Teat Defence 110 has a rich consistency that adheres to teat skin.

Available in 208L (barrel) and 1,041L (tote) sizes (additional sizes coming soon)

Your best choice for teat defence.

Testimonial for Teat Defence 110 ::

We have been using Teat Defence 110 from London Dairy Supply for over 8 months (stated Feb 2014) and we are really satisfied. This product works very well in our 22 Milking Robots. It sprays well and we have a good control on somatic cells. Furthermore, London Dairy offers this product at a really competitive price. Finally, we recommend the use of this product.
Daniel Landry – Ferme Landrynoise Inc. St-Albert, Quebec.

Dynamint Udder Cream ::

Dynamint Dynamint is a true oil and water emulsion which quickly delivers healing and anti-bacterial properties through the skin and into the soft tissue. Peppermint oil stimulates the circulatory and immune systems and adds a pleasant smell. Eucalyptus and calendula oils are known for their anti-bacterial and skin conditioning properties. The non-greasy water-based cream is smooth, light and applies quickly and easily. Dynamint cream was formulated to penetrate by osmosis and not simply to remain on top of the skin like competitive products. Used daily on the udders of dairy cows, Dynamint helps prevent udder edema, mastitis and infections. Many dairymen report massaging of Dynamint to be as good as an oxytocin injection for milk let-down. Others report fewer and milder cases of mastitis which reduces the need for antibiotics. Dynamint is now approved for organic dairies.

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