A ready-to-use drying powder that can be used with all classes of livestock and is easy to use and handle ::

drystart-drying-agents Applications: The environment in which you and your staff work and raise your livestock is becoming more important every day. To succeed you need to provide well-balanced feed, a good environment and minimize stress. Provide your animals with a great start and create a better environment for your livestock and your staff. Make drySTART™ part of your comprehensive livestock facility management program and see results right away. drySTART is an amazingly effective, drying agent and deodorizer designed for a wide range of species and production applications.

When to use drySTART: Using drySTART wherever you have damp and/or dirty floors helps dry the environment where livestock are housed. drySTART may also help reduce unpleasant ammonia odors in livestock bedding. Using drySTART is an economical way to help create a better environment for your livestock and staff.

How it works: The principle behind the effectiveness of drySTART is simple; help optimize animal environment which can increase your economic returns by:

  • Drying the Environment – drySTART helps to absorb moisture. Use drySTART as part of your livestock facitlity mangement program to help maintain a dry environment between bedding and/or washing.
  • Creating a positive environment – reducing odors helps maintain a positive environment for the livestock and the people working with the livestock.

Dairy: For dairy cows and calves, damp bedding can lead to an unhealthy environment including disease transmission and unpleasant and harmful odors. drySTART will draw moisture away from the animals. dryStart can also be used in a foot bath. Not mixed with nasty chemicals, but when mixed at a rate of 3 parts shavings or sawdust with 2 parts dry start, you will dry the claw and hoof of cattle and thus reducing the environment for bacteria and viruses to grow and cause problems. This is a different mind set than traditional foot bathing, but is a far safer way of control than traditional Copper Sulfate and Formaldehyde treatments. Using a dry bath is recommended to be done twice a day for the most effective results. For more information on how this system would be most effective at your facility, be sure to contact us.

Equine: Keeping a dry stall will also help in controlling flies which in turn will also transmit disease and can be a nuisance. The smell of urine will essentially be gone while bedding will also last much longer.

Poultry: Moisture and high humidity may increase barn odor. When you apply drySTART on poultry pen floors and around feeding and drinking areas, you will create a more fresh and healthy environment.

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