All Purpose Cleaner for most Home, Auto, and Industrial Uses ::

Citra Clean Our concentrated Citra Clean replaces all expensive cleaners around your business at a fraction of the cost. Anywhere that you use water you can use Citra Clean. Citra Clean is made from the natural orange extract d-limonene. It produces a natural citrus scent and great grease releasing agents. Just spray the problem area with Citra Clean and work it into the stain. Allow Citra Clean to sit on the stain for a few minutes and blot the stain with a dry cloth. Put Citra Clean to the test. You will be amazed! Citra Clean is marketed in Canada by Lazer Chem Ltd. Lazer Chem is committed to their customers by supplying a high quality cleaning product that is both ‘environmentally and people friendly.

Instructions for Use ::

General Purpose
A 20-1 solution will do for most applications. Spray Citra Clean on the surface of the stain and work it into the problem area. Allow to sit and clean with a dry cloth.

Carpet and Upholstery
Vacuum carpet before shampooing. Use a 50:1 dilution and add to the holding tank. Pre-spray the carpet with a 10:1 dilution. Severely soiled areas require a little more attention by working Citra Clean into the stain with a stiff brush then blot with a dry cloth. Shampoo entire carpet and let dry.

Citra Clean can be used as a pre-spray for the laundry (avoid satin, silk and soft leather). Use a 10:1 dilution and spray on problem areas. Allow to sit and wash as usual.

Use a 10:1 dilution in a pre-heated oven. Allow Citra Clean to sit for 15 minutes, then scour with a non-abrasive pad, and wipe with a dry cloth. Clean your grease traps, fryers, pizza ovens, and stainless steel.

Use Citra Clean in a 10:1 solution on hot engines. Soak area and let sit for 15 minutes and rinse with a pressure washer or garden hose.

Boats and R.V.’s
Cleans your deck and bilge with ease. Use for removing bugs and or black streaks on R.V.’s by using a 10:1 dilution. Spray Citra Clean on the area and work with a stiff brush. Use a garden hose to rinse.

Machine Shops
Citra Clean will replace Varsol, carb cleaner, WD 40, and other commercial cleaners. Use a 10:1 dilution to clean shop walls , spray and work Citra Clean into the area with a stiff broom. Allow to sit for a few minutes and rinse.

Body Shops
Citra Clean removes paint oxidation, silicone from door jams, tires and interiors. Use a 10:1 dilutions allowing to sit for 10 minutes and buff with a dry cloth in a circular motion.

Citra Clean used in a 20:1 solution can solve tough carbon problems. Use for tanks by spraying directly onto tank and rinsing o. Use Citra Clean at 10:1 for dipping tanks and allow items to soak in solution for 1 hour and rinse. Examples: carbon on piston heads, epoxy glues, silicone seals, and gaskets.

Stainless Steel
Use a 20:1 dilution to remove grease. Work with the grain of the stainless steel and polish with a 120:1 dilution. Bu with a clean, dry cloth. Citra Clean easily removes salt pills and rust.

Pressure Washers
Citra Clean can be used in your pressure washers. It can be used for such jobs as paint work ,vinyl siding, and engines. Use at a 120:1 dilution with hot water. 20 litre tanks require 1/4 litre. 170 litre drums require 4 litres of concentrate.

De-Fogging Glass and Mirrors
Use one teaspoon of Citra Clean only to a 1 litre bottle. Lightly mist the area to be cleaned and wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Bu glass completely. Great for windshields, eyeglasses, mirrors, store windows, and glass display cases.

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